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  • Travel Tips
    • Do your seat assignment ahead of departure to make sure you're comfortable during your flight. 
    • Ensure your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of return. Some countries will refuse entry on arrival!
    • Put your name and the phone number of your destination on the inside and outside of your bag
    • When travelling, pack expensive jewellery in your small carry on and not in the luggage you check in.
    • You should be at the airport THREE hours before your take off. Better be safe than sorry
    •  Always put your name as written in the passport when booking tickets and accommodation.
    • Always place the items that airport security wants to see in one of the outside pockets of your hand baggage.
    • Explore transportation options available at your destination ahead of time, especially if you will be arriving late in the evening.
    • Honeymooners tip: Begin early and share the planning. To ensure that both of you enjoy the honeymoon, make all your decisions together.
    • Honeymooners tip: Set a tentative and realistic budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities from the very beginning and decide what you might splurge on and where you  might cut corners.
    • Start your packing list a week before you leave. Begin early so that you can add items as you think of them and keep an inventory list should the bag go missing
    •  Tips for flying with children: Choose your airline carefully. Find out about in-flight entertainment and any services provided for.
    •  Tips for flying with children: If travelling with a baby, pack all their favourite foods and don't rely on the airline because what they serve up may not be up to your baby's liking.


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